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Welcome to TC America Inc.

                                THE CLUB'S TWENTY FIFTH YEAR OF MEMBER SERVICE

This Club for Owners of the Chrysler TC by Maserati was founded in the spring of 1992, and is now established as a 'proven product' for any owner of a TC. The goal then (and still is today, 25 years later) was to bring together the owners of this special vehicle to give it the honor and distinction it deserves as a 'Collectible Automobile'. The membership of nearly 700 active enthusiasts for this limited production car, and the loss of many cars over the past 25 years, certainly proves that this goal is, and will continue to be, achieved.

The purpose of the Club over the past 25 years has never changed, however the necessity for information about the car, parts availability, as well as maintenance and repair solutions, has certainly extended far beyond what back in 1992 seemed the basic requirements for a Club. By necessity we now think 'Repair instead of Replace' as part availability is limited. The experiences our members and technical staff have provided over these past 19 years keeps many more cars on the road and the owners happy. The quarterly newsletters filled with technical material reported by our staff, including pictures, represents $$ saving at a repair or service center. These newsletters have been referred to as 'mini service manuals', but with with updated solutions.

Getting owners together across the Nation to enjoy this unique automobile has been another Club goal. With the beginning of 'The Next Twenty Five Years of TC America' a new concept is being implemented to see that more members are able to enjoy getting together with other owner-members within the Regional and Local areas.  The economy, coupled with accelerated gas prices, necessitates smaller and more local gatherings.  Watch this website as those will now be posted with the hope that there will be something for everyone to participate in throughout the year. (Click on National Meets from the menu)

Members Helping Members was an early on adopted slogan of the Club. It certainly does work, and works well! You are encouraged to become a member yourself if you haven't done so already. In fact, after all these years, many who for one reason or another may have dropped membership in the past, (even having sold the TC and now buying another) are again joining to find the significant changes in information about these cars, the most valuable tools around.

TC America Inc. is a great family for the owners of this unique and special automobile. New members are encouraged and always welcomed.

TC Regards,

B. Karleen Tarola
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