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TC America Newsletters

The information, statistics and helpful solutions which are made available in the TC America newsletters is one of the big benefits of club membership.

This award winning black and white, 12 page publication which is received quarterly (March, June, September, December) represents the club motto 'Members Helping Members'. The newsletter is filled with tips reported by the members, to the members, which translates the proper maintenance, part availability and part resource information into dollars saved for every member at one time or another. Now complete with photos accompanying the articles, resulting in what has been described as an updated 'mini' service manual.

A full page listing of associated resources, services, and information on 'salvage parts' which is most helpful to many . The statistics and technical information contained in the newsletters provides enthusiasm for the car today equal to that which was derived from the original marketing literature. The 'original owners' learn to fully appreciate what they knew all along was a good thing, and the new members/owners learn much that they could not find elsewhere.

As a TC America member you are entitled to a free ad for the sale of a TC or an ad for memorabilia or parts which you might be looking for. The percentage of cars sold through this newsletter is quite remarkable. Members tell friends who are looking for a car, some quite serious collectors, others simply adding to their collection. Therefore the newsletter is a great tool if you are trying to sell or looking to buy.